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  1. Why do I need OTC, if the load calculation software I already own selects the equipment accurately?
  2. What version of Excel or operating system is OTC compatible with ?
  3. Why would there even be any error differences in OTC between equipment brands? 
  4. Can I have my software delivered on CD-rom ?
  5. How can we buy these programs without Paypal?
  6. If a product update is available, how will I know ?
  7. Can I get a refund if I don't like it ?
  8. How do I contact Tech Support?
  9. Why do the Off-the-Charts system sheets show "Trial Version-Sheet Errors ... ?
  10. Is Off-the-Charts ACCA Manual S approved? ... ?


Why do I ... ?

You may not. We might avoid mentioning some brand names here, including information specific to other copyrighted sources, as we can not make claims for other products.

We have found that OTC tied in quite well to Elite's Rhvac, 
(see Elite Rhvac page)

The process would be somewhat similar for Adtek's product, Acculaod, which seems to access AHRI data as well.

However, Wrightsoft seems to incorporate all of the ACTUAL expanded manufacturer data (not just AHRI) into their process. It is very complex, and the process well observed to be sure that the results are accurate. In that case, you do NOT need OTC. (Unless they import some corrupt data, oops!) They also are using a cloud based tool on some brands, which uses formulas to generate results like OTC, but which often do not match their PDF imported data.

However at OTC, we will not ASSUME or assure you, that any other program you have IS even doing this selection properly either!

"Let the buyer beware"

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What version ... ?

Check FIRST that your computer has an "activated" copy of Excel. Many new machines come with pre-installed Office software which has not been paid for yet! The inactivated software will simply crash on OTC. This leaves the user confused because there may be no error message. Try opening the Excel program FIRST.

The bottom line here after you know your Excel works, is to "test the trial to get comfortable with it, before you buy!". We currently offer one version of OTC. It is a program file which will only work with Microsoft Excel 2007 and newer.

OTC will not run on:
Windows XP
Excel 2003 or earlier,
Excel starter edition,
OpenOffice, or
Macintosh/Apple PC's.

Bear this in mind when trying to keep any portability between users with different pc's to swap data files.

ARE YOU ASKING WHY EXCEL? A lot of clients since 2012, ask why they have to have Microsoft Excel for OTC to run. At that time OTC was just a personal brainstorm.

Because a spreadsheet is the easiest method of a numbers in, formulas embedded, numbers out, I started with the Excel I had. (With some investment capital, OTC could be written by coders to be a total standalone program.)

I found out spreadsheets are easily hacked open, so this project needed protection by one of a few turtle-shell programs. I had to use a reasonable priced one, to keep OTC reasonably priced. But it is designed to only protect Microsoft Excel. 
OTC would cost $100 to $200 more if we used a high-end shell program.

I personally had to get Excel on a couple more PC's myself this year.
I browsed Ebay and Amazon to buy some new copies from a reliable seller (there are thousands of these available new).

Office 2019 and 2021 are the last versions, before Office 365 became Microsoft's only Office product, a cloud/local subscription service. 
It's your personal choice, mine was Office Home and Business 2019 It's still single purchase, and can be used offline. Here is the particular one I picked, which ONLY has Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. $65 each with shipping. 2021 is the full suite, and double that.

What I recieved, with DVD's, had invalid activation keys, that's common in the software world. (My OTC keys expire for renewal also) The seller gave me new keycodes, and they ran fine.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

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Why would there ... ?

The expanded performance data created by manufacturers is done by formulas as well. They have their equipment tested by ARHI under standardized conditions and receive reports from the various approved testing centers. We try to include a broad cross section in testing our formula accuracy.

You can see this in the database (Click here to see) from last year's accuracy check, which we do for minor algorithm adjustment. We've included it, less our sensitive info., to back up the accuracy claims.

Some manufacturers tend to correlate VERY closely to OTC's results; while some others are way off, and are thrown out as corrupted data. This would SEEM to indicate that perhaps some manufacturers are more careful in extrapolating this data than others.

We have even found some expanded data where the wet bulb scale was ordered UPSIDE DOWN from the manufacturer! When we corrected the order ourselves, it then lined up nicely with OTC results! You could have not realized that without OTC. (We're not going to say who's it was!)

With the 2016 random data sampling base of 3,090 sampling points for SEER1, our current research average is 2.31%. There was over 5% error in 10.6% of sample data, over 6% error in 5% of samples, over 8% error in 1% of samples, and over 10% error in 0.1% of samples. There was only one single error point over 11%. 

This also raises the inevitable question, is OTC inaccurate, or is the sloppy manufacturer data CAUSING our error figure?

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Can I have ... ?

OTC is not available by CD-rom. It is delivered by E-mail. The Big Picture HVAC Training does come only on CD-Rom.

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How can we ... ?

Paypal allows the use of credit card on their website. Although most clients want the security of Paypal, you are welcome to pay by personal or company check, payable to:

KR-Services-com LLC
c/o OTC sales
840 Helios Avenue
Metairie, LA 70005

and indicate which product you are purchasing. 

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If a product ... ?

Since 2020, A new copy of OTC is supported and upgraded every two years. At that time the program will give a 14 day warning to request your free upgrades. If you're not sure, just look at the latest trial version from this site, and look to see if it has a more recent version date. Click here for Off-the-Charts End User License and Privacy Policy

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Can I get ... ?

No. And it is very unlikely that Microsoft has ever refunded any one for software either. Once you have the unrestricted copy, free to copy, we have no way to get it back from you. Please "Try it before you buy it" !

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How do I ... ?

New software is supported for one year for technical issues. Basic computer usage lessons are not included. In some cases, you will have to allow us, if requested, to remotely access your computer (by secure internet connection), to diagnose or assist in proper installation of the product.

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Why do the ... ?

Although the numbers on the sheets "might be" perfectly valid and accurate, this notice displays on the product when it has not been activated yet by a paid license key. It is there to deter using the product for commercial use while still in trial mode. These words disappear when the product is activated.

Even when activated, there can be occasional objectionable error with some brands (see above "Why would there" question). 

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Is Off-the-Charts ... ?

No, but some contractors might mistakenly call it "Manual S" because that is a common term used to describe the equipment selection process in general. That would be similar to assuming all crayons are produced by the Crayola company. However, check our "Compliance" page, to notice that we follow and respect ACCA Manual S approved parameters for the selection limitations.

The primary feature of OTC is a completely different approach to acquiring performance data, then what is traditionally versed by ACCA. Manual S uses randomly available manufacturer product data, to match up to your load calculation results, with multiple interpolations with hand calculators and charts. And that's even with computer programs.

ARI studies published in 1982, stated the fairly close predictability of the effect of inside/outdoor conditions, etc., on rated capacity. So OTC takes the existing readily available AHRI standard conditions rating, and calculates the effect on capacity, caused by conditions different than those used during the AHRI ratings. You can also compare OTC figures to actual product data if you have it, and adjust it all to match even closer to OTC figures with a single mouse click!

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Revised: June 01, 2024 .
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